Thursday, February 14, 2008

Photo ScrapBook Part 1

The Animation Floor at the Forum, Camden Town

Holger Leihe , Animator

Dietmar Kremer , Animator

Andreas Wessel-Therhorn , Animator

Michael Schlingmann , Animator


Holger said...

Awesome. I don't remember ever seeing those! Nostalgia!
I can hear the paper rustling.

Rafi animates said...

wow. it's so cool to see photos of the studio from back in the day. I actually live a minute down the road from the forum.

love the bog, amazing to learn so much about such a legendary and much-loved film....straight from the people who were making it too. keep it up, very inspiring stuff.

Sandra said...

Hey, just search for a contact to Michael Schlingmann. We know each other from M√ľnster/Germany. Could you please give him a note to get in contact with me?
Thanks! Korky