Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Gort or How I almost ended up in deep Sh&%#

Picture this... Camden 1990 or there abouts.Dick comes to me with a folder in his hand, saying: Here's a scene by Art Babbit, it's not very good, can you make it better? In my mind I imitated Munchs Scream and ran the other way, but I blushed, as usual and tried to look confident. The scene was of a tall servant, who had to smack his huge hands together like cymbals. Dick had done a new design since Art worked on it and he explained to me how to achieve the decelerating stagger for the hands. I was very green as an animator and totally terrified, but set to work.
Testing the scene in the evening, I knew it was not up to scratch, but had a pretty good idea where I went wrong. So I decided to fix it the next day. Which I did, and I showed it to Dick, who liked it, thankfully. What i didn't know, was that he took my tape that evening and looked at the miserable first take and apparently had a fit, ready to take it off me. I'm glad I didn't know about this when I fixed the scene, or I''d have been too mortified.After that I animated the little guy with the gong in the next scene, referencing Alex Williams take on him in an earlier scene.
And by the way, I still blush when I have to show a scene. Some things don't change.

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