Friday, May 31, 2013

Event in Edinburgh - Richard Williams: 80 Animated Years

Our old Thief buddy Iain Gardner helped organize an event at this year's Edinburgh Film Festival in honour of Richard Williams' 80th birthday. For detailed info and to order tickets go HERE.

"EIFF is honoured to welcome multi-award-winning animation legend Richard Williams to Edinburgh in celebration of his 80th Birthday.
Canadian animator Richard Williams, famed for the Pink Panther and Roger Rabbit, moved to the UK during the 1950s, invigorating the British industry by distilling knowledge from veterans of the golden age of Hollywood animation. In partnership with Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival, these short films, animated sequences and commercials make evident Williams’ incalculable contribution to the quality and reputation of British animation. This wonderful programme demonstrates his mastery of his craft and includes:
Christmas Carol, Richard Williams/USA/1971/26 min
Circus Drawings, Richard Williams/UK/2010/9 min
The Little Island, Richard Williams/UK/1958/32 min
Love Me, Love Me, Love Me, Richard Williams/UK/1962/8 min
...and much more!"