Thursday, May 6, 2010

Roy's birthday

Roy Naisbitt is 80 years old today. Here is a drawing he gave me when he showed me his collection of drawings in his home. He has the original artwork for his opening pan of Christmas Carol for example and lots of other things that should be in a museum.The drawing size is 25x12".

Happy Birtday Roy! You are awesome.

The Creative Person

I recently had a drink with Pete Weston, who told me about this video documentary.
It seems to be a half hour film made in the 60s and even if it doesn't give any revolutionary new insights, it does offer an intriguing view of Soho, 40 years ago...
Here is the Google video version, which is all in one piece.

If that doesn't work for some, just watch it on youtube.
Part one is here:

Once again, Thank you Pete for the tip...