Saturday, February 16, 2008

Conrad Veidt

Next week I will post more about who did what on the Throne Room sequence. For now I just have another instance of Dick using thermo prints, as a basis for the beginning of this scene:Zigzag's walk into the throne room and his hand gestures are based on a scene with German actor Conrad Veidt, probably from the 1940 film “Escape”. Veidt is playing a German general. The film is not currently available. It would be nice to have an image for the scene that Dick used. In the prints he looked just like he does in this image from “Escape”:In 1940 Veidt also played Grand Vizier Jaffar in “The Thief of Bagdad”, which was an inspiration for both the Thief and also “Aladdin”.
In 1942 he played Major Strasser in "Casablanca". He died in 1943.

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Matt J said...

These 'mini-posts' about the live-action reference are really interesting. Great to see where Dick found inspiration & also how exactly he would utilise print-outs.