Wednesday, June 7, 2017

More from the Academy archive...

Tomm Moore, co-founder and director at Ireland's Cartoon Saloon, unearthed some treasure on a recent visit to the Academy in Los Angeles. (Re-posted with his permission from Facebook)
"Visited the Academy archives today to sign some forms in relation to donating some Song of the Sea artwork and ended up spending hours just in awe of the original artwork from the Thief and the cobbler that they are cataloging currently . Just mind boggling and awe inspiring stuff . I'm so amazed I got to see the originals after so many years squinting at fuzzy vhs copies and online restorations . It felt like visiting The Book of Kells, this is surely the most elaborate and intricate hand drawn animation ever created - I'm so glad the art is getting the academy's careful curation after so many years in the wilderness."

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