Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tips for new readers

If you are interested in the work done on the Thief I recommend that you dig into the older posts, too. To make this easier you might want to try using the "Blog Archive" on the right. You can still comment on older posts by the way. We get an email for every comment, it makes no difference - old or new post.

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Elwin said...

Youtube has some clips of Richard Williams with Idries Shah viewing Nasrudin animations.

thebear said...

Hi, didn't know this was here! I was a runner at Richard's studio 1977-79 (ish). My first job was to help Ken Harris up the stairs and then have the honour of looking over his shoulder as he worked. Working there changed my life and I still work in the TV/Film industry - not as a runner though! Will put some anecdotes together and post more...Rupert Hull

David Wendl-Berry said...

Well I remember you Carl. I remember turning up for my interview and being told by you that I would be working exclusively on this amazing new animation feature called "The Cobbler and the Thief". I was just a young assistant film editor and spent the first 6 weeks working on commercials, hadn't even seen one frame of The Thief. Then Richard Williams came into the cutting room, quietly came up to me and whispered, "Who are you?" I told him "My name is David Berry, I'm your new assistant film editor". His reply was typical Richard Williams "Thank god for that. I thought you were a client and I couldn't remember your name". I spent two years working at Richard Williams Animation and for me it was pure magic. I then went on to be a film editor working in TV for the next ten years. Then I left the industry, got married, have two teenage girls, changed my name to David Wendl-Berry and now work as a Wilderness Rites Of Passage Guide. I remember those years at Richard Williams Animation with fondness and joy, it was probably the most creative and insane place I have ever worked.

barbaragreenemann said...

Interesting Elwin- I'm trying to re-make a budget as a few pages were missing from a grant app. {1st time for everything.} so I'm trying to learn about animation as my drawings are perfect for this art form and then the "Purse Head Lady,'s will attempt to solve or point out to the more realsitic solvers,ones and up coming, a problem we all know. Over buying, monetary differences between earthlings, well endless, so I should think about this and rampart the hilt, so to say. I would like a job so maybe I should try but several things have to be resolved first, like making my phone work again and getting the sound back on my computer. I fortunately was able to get the computer back on line as i rearranged the cords. never mind. back to you and so I shall. Good evening and welcome. barb

barbaragreenemann said...

Well I wanted to read about the artist , the birthday boy, and see his work.Playfully i wrote him a birthday poem which ended up on mu blog, titled oh no it's belated or wewell the blogging site is difficult for me so . it's there if u ever want to C. Barbaragreenemann is what it's under ? je ne sais pas. Your work is so outstanding all on this site. thanks
barb mann

Brett W. McCoy said...

This is a fabulous blog and I think it's my new favorite one (I have several now). It's a good companion to the "The Thief Archive" youtube channel.

sirscaffalot said...

good afternoon, my name is byron williamson, i was a runner in the paint and trace dept, st pancras way, for just over a year, the final year and was kept on until the building had been pretty much cleared. i was very excited when i found this site last night and recognise alot of the people on the photos, especially atlanta, simon and john but to name a few. the recobbled videos are fantastic, great to see and bought back some fond memories. b

Denyse Tessensohn said...

Hello Everyone
The Eurasian Association of Singapore is considering a permanent exhibition on the life and art of Errol Le Cain, who was Eurasian and from Singapore. I am writing his biography.
Very grateful to anyone who would please take the time to write to me at errollecainlegacy@gmail.com with ANY information, anecdotes and comments on working with Errol, his art and any information at all that could add to the biography.
Richard Williams has kindly consented to answer some questions and to write a paragraph or two.
Thanks and Health to all
Denyse Tessensohn

Anonymous said...

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findstephen said...
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findstephen said...

Hi, just stumbled across this by accident. I was a runner on The Thief near the end, based out of The Forum building. I was fresh faced & straight out of college. I have some great memories of this time, yes I remember you 'Germans', having to go & do the food run twice a day, when we all went to see the trailer before Highlander II, running pencil tests & even the wrap party at Cafe De Paris. Will now spend the next few hrs trawling the whole site. Thanks, Stephen Day.

Taranimator said...

Hi there - I was an inbetweener with you guys years ago. I just found a box of old stuff in the basement you might be interested in -- photos, cartoons... Here's a photocopy of a crowd shot - anyone know who the animator was? https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1617070/Crowd_Scene.jpg

Unknown said...
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NathanM said...

For anyone in the southern U.S., the Belcourt Theatre in Nashville will be showing "The Thief and the Cobbler: A Moment in Time" on June 10. Hope this is okay to post here. I know screenings of this workprint version are rare so just wanted to get the word out! http://www.belcourt.org/events/the-thief-and-the-cobbler-a-moment-in-time.3619574