Sunday, August 8, 2010

More Photos from the reunion

Some more pictures from Tuesday night, this time courtesy of Ramon Modiano and myself...
There'll probably be more later.


Tanya & Alyson



Phil & Sharon

Gary & Michael & Sharon

Roy & Sharon

Robert & Kevin


Squeaky & Phil

Michael & Michael


Phil & Claire & Inge






Pete & Alex (out of focus, sorry)


Rafi animates said...

looks like a really top night. hope everyone thoroughly enjoyed the reunion, must've felt good to catch up on old times.

out of interest, did most people continue with a successful career in the industry, post-thief?

also, did Dick Williams attend the party?

Andreas said...

wish i could have been there with you guys. thanks for the pix.

Dietmar said...

Oh my, the memories. Thanks from me and Monika, awesome pictures, thanks for sharing this and making the event happen.

Peter said...

Hello to all of you who run this brilliant blog.

Tanya and I have just posted our photos from the evening on "Facebook".

I'll send you a public link so anyone who visits the blog can see them

Peter said...

This is the link to my pics.

I'll send Tanya a message to send you hers.

All the best

Pete Western

roger said...

Great to see those faces again . Would have loved to have been there and to answer Rafi's question it sounds like most of us are still in the industry.
I'm still animating and with every other project running into or working next to people from the thief days .

R.Vizard ~