Sunday, June 28, 2009

Miscellaneous Production Art

Rough layout of the messenger by Art Babbitt (?)


Michael Sporn said...

The last drawing feels as though it could have come out of the Nasruddin book. It felt so different when it was colored.

Miranda said...

I look at the second piece and all I can think of is "Polo-polo-polo-polo-ponies!"

I have seen the Miramax version of The Thief and the Cobbler, and it made me literally cringe when I saw Garrett Gilchrist's Recobbled Cut. Miramax's version really has no right to be called Thief at all...they are two completely different films.

This film is a masterpiece and a slice of history that should be finished as it was intended to be. To all the artists and animators that worked on this project with Richard, you have this fan's heartfelt thanks for all the (extremely hard, I'm sure) work you did on Thief. It truly is a fantastic work of art.

Garrett said...

For those new to this wonderful blog, please also visit The Thief Archive at Youtube, maintained by Patrick McCart.

Maurice said...

Cool post, Matt J. Did Babbitt draw the three bottom images that are cleaned up?

I've recently been interested in Babbitt's work for an article I'm writing, and I have a few more questions concerning him and his work:

1) Where was Art working before Richard hired him? 2) What did the Soho Square artists of the 70s think of Art as an animator and as a co-worker? 3) This one might be impossible to answer: in 1990, Roy E. Disney managed to reconcile Art with the company on which he led the destructive strike of 1941. Did Art, in his two last years afterwards, ever see a contemporary Disney product ("Beauty & the Beast", for example) and offer an opinion on the Renaissance animators?

Fuzzy Duck said...

I have now read every bit of this blog, and it his phenomenal. Really wonderful work, all of you. It's illuminating, well-written, and poignant. What a remarkable film.


RK.Karthikeyan said...

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loving lot.
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