Monday, May 11, 2009

Roy and Art photos

Hans Bacher has posted some photos of animation artists. Here is the link to his blog post: CREATIVE WORKSPACES 1
He said that there are more to come in the near future.
In 1981 he met Art Babbitt in the Hollywood QUARTETT film studio, where Art was animating on THE THIEF:

This one of Roy Naisbitt he took in the Soho Square studio in 1987:

On his blog there are also 2 photos of Dick W. that were taken during the production of Roger Rabbit.


Maurice said...

Anyone know what Phil Nibbelink and Simon Wells animated on "Roger Rabbit"? The contributions of Williams, Deja and Hall seem to be the only ones that get any spotlight.

hans bacher said...

phil and simon both animated ROGER

Maurice said...

Cool. Never knew a film where the main character required three supervising animators.

A few more questions to keep conversation running:

1) Is it true that Richard drew every frame of Baby Herman (the version with Lou Hirsch's voice) himself??

2) Who animated the weasel patrol?

3) Who animated Judge Doom's "toonier" qualities?

thebear said...

Mr Nesbitt! Blimey. He had two sons who worked in the trade, can't remember their names but we played football together

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