Tuesday, January 20, 2009



Maurice said...

An interesting train of thought came to me: some of the Nasruddin book artwork looks to me like still pictures from a Jay Ward cartoon. My mind connected Jay Ward with UPA. Then I remembered a Wikipedia statement, and I'm wondering if it's true: was Richard, during the 1950s, a top animator at UPA alongside Art Babbitt?

Holger said...

For a few months in 1956 George Dunning ran a small UPA branch in London. Dick's time at UPA was at this London UPA studio I think. In 1961 Dunning founded TVC. Dick is credited as an animator on Dunning's 1962 film The Apple. It might not be a coincidence that similar to Dick later TVC created a huge amount of commercials and Dunning on the side always worked on personal films. He also did the opening titles for the 2nd Pink Panther film A Shot in the Dark.