Monday, January 12, 2009

2 for Monday


Will Finn said...

Hi Holger--you rule for posting these. i absolutely love these drawings and went to great lengths to get my mitts on both books. these are very nice scans.

i wish these had gotten animated exactly as drawn here.

(the stories don't live up to the art IMO, but still...)

ps. i vote no. 2 in the poll.

Maurice said...

Great posts, Holger. The most incredible stylized artwork I've seen in a long time.

In your opinion, do you think things would have gone any smoother if Idries Shah had allowed Richard to continue making the film as a Nasruddin story?

Holger said...

Who knows? I just know that I like the few Narudin scenes that were finished very much.

Maurice said...

"few Nasruddin scenes"?

Now that you say that ... what Nasruddin scenes (aside from the Bread Scene) were actually animated?

Holger said...

The Bread sequence is all I know. Ken Harris also animated some wolves for the Nasrudin film, but I have never seen this.