Saturday, June 7, 2008

an outward and visible reality.... or The Crew Jacket

Picture this... London, 1991 , a place bustling with Feature and commercial animation ( I know, hard to picture, but try)
Amblimation has a studio in Acton, Disney is at Kings Cross and Henson is busy on several projects. And we see something we hadn't seen before... crew jackets. We all felt deeply proud to be working on ' Once ' , as it was called then and really wanted to join the throngs of artists wearing their pride on their sleeves...or better yet, on their back. Disney had jackets, Henson had jackets.. but we had a very limited budget and crew jackets were out of the question... until they weren't. Dick decided one day that not only would we get jackets as well, but ours would be the best of them all.
Lacking any official merchandize, I had taken to painting t-shirts with whatever took my fancy...and so I made a t-shirt using the Once logo and one of the images from the Thief brochure.( fashion maven I wasn't).

Caricature by T. Dan Hoffstedt

Dick saw me wearing the t-shirt one day and, in his no nonsense way, asked me to strip off, so he could xerox it... which I dutifully did. Thankfully that was before the middle age spread set in.
By that time, the film had already been re-titled as The Thief and the Cobbler, so Dick took my T- shirt design ( which, let's face it, was just his designs reused anyway ) and adapted them to the new title logo... a crew jacket was born!

We were ecstatic when the finished jackets were finally delivered, and Dick hadn't promised too much. The stitching was very intricate and on the front , for all to see, was a badge of honour we had all dreamed of from the time we fell in love with our chosen profession :


Dietmar said...

Great memories! Me and my wife still have the jackets. She has passed hers on to our older son, who wears it almost daily (well..not when it is 25 degrees out there obviously, hehe)

Nobody touches my crew jacket however :)


Simon Downes said...

Still have mine too. I like to think of it as the animation equivalent of the US Open jacket.

Anonymous said...

17 years after we received our jackets another piece of the jigsaw fits into place. I didn't know that story, Andreas. Nice one.


Chris said...

Having worked as a prepress artist at promotional companies, I have to say that is an absolutely exquisite example of digitizing for embroidery. Spared no expense. These crew jackets are a treasure and a masterpiece of logo wear too--whoever did the digitizing didn't slack off. Those fortunate enough to own one, take care of them :)