Monday, June 23, 2008

Chase Part 2

Here we have the concluding scenes of the Chase sequence. A lot of question marks. Please leave a comment if you know more...

Left: Thief and crowd by Andreas, glass f/x ?
Middle: Thief by ? glass f/x ?
Right: Thief by ?
For some reason my first guess for the leave animation on the right had been Margaret Grieve, but it's possible that F/X animator Graham Bebbington worked on this. He definitely animated similar leaves in other scenes and I'll do a little spin-off post about this next.

Left and Middle (same scene): Dean, courtiers by Andreas
Right: Dean

Left: Dean
Middle: Dean
Right: Andreas

update by Paul Dilworth:
With regard to the backgrounds, I remember doing the big palace window scene (many many golden stars to paint!) Inga did the beautiful trees, (and the rest of the Polo Scene.) The maps on the wall in Zig Zag's room were Roy's original drawings for the Golden City. Oh to see them large and in a movie theatre! I may be wrong but the blue radiating circle behind Tack's head as he was pinned to the wall was a total fluke. He just happened to end up right in the middle of it.


Dietmar said...

Awesome pictures again of a great sequence. Very inspiring, fun and full of optical illusions :)

I wish we could post a little video of the chase sequence with the blog...

Holger said...

It would have been nice to have Dean talk about his work here. I've made a few unsuccessful attempts to get in touch with him via Michael, Gary and Uli. Hey Dean, if you read this, it's not too late. I'd love if you would write something.
It's the same with Gary and Tim. It would be nice to have them on the blog in their own words.
My email address is in my profile, or maybe Michael could post stuff for you guys.