Friday, March 7, 2008

Photo ScrapBook Part 5

Not much time to post these days. Here just a few more photos:

Dean Roberts, Michael Schlingmann, Tim Watts and Simon Downes

Christmas Party 1990 in the I&P building. Margarte Grieve, Dick, Venelin Veltchev, Tzvetomira Nikolova. With the last two I made my best guess, please correct me if I got it wrong.

The same Christmas Party, Dick brought his friends, the "Dick's Six" and they played Jazz for us all night. One member of the band might also be the composer of the score for the Thief. At least I sort of remember Dick convincing one of his Jazz friends to do the score, despite the person being very hesitant about it, claiming his lack of experience with film scores. The second guy from the left, Malcolm Harrison also worked as a BG painter on the "Thief". If I remember it correctly this also was the night that Dick discovered Andreas' dancing talents which consequently led to Andreas being cast on the Courtiers.

David Byers-Brown

Break on the fire escape. Clockwise from top: Tara Donovan, Steve Evangelatos, Simon Downes, Gary Dunn, Michael Schlingmann , Sharon Smith

Juergen Gross and Judy Howieson


Anonymous said...

I feel old. And look at that hair!
Love the blog guys.

Holger said...

Hi Simon,
great to hear from you. This is all your fault, you know, from what I heard from Garrett.

Anonymous said...

Moi? Never.

I'm in the process of scanning all my old stills. I'll let you know when I'm done.

hans bacher said...

great pictures holger -
pure history.
thank you

Holger said...

Thanks Hans! We wouldn't have been part of it, if you had not pushed us to go to London back in the day.
Congratulations on your book. Will you start blogging again?

Anonymous said...

All your fault, S.

=) With thanks.


Anonymous said...

cool to see people I've subsequently worked with and be able to see them much younger! Gary Dunn has brown hair!!!?!?!?!? Great blog!!!