Thursday, March 13, 2008


I forgot to include these frames in the last post, but they work here quite well too. Dick decided that Zig Zag would have a handy,little tool that would extend to be whatever was needed in that scene. A telescopic gizmo, that became a fly swatter in this scene. that was fun to animate. Less fun was drawing his six fingered hands with a multitude of rings on every joint, that all needed to be color coded for ink and paint.

In the final scene in this sequence, the iZIGZAG device was to become a torture instrument that would poke each of the courtiers in the nose. I had a lot of fun on this scene , trying to come up with different expressions for those guys. By that time, I was quite good at drawing them in different ways and the design took on a bit of my own flavour, as well.

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Rafi animates said...

Really interesting. This film is quite inventive in its use of the animation medium. So much of it showcases how creative Richard was/is - even his commercials from much earlier in his career, while crude, have ideas and characters that feel unique for their time. Does that make sense?