Thursday, March 29, 2012

Permanent exhibition on the life and art of Errol Le Cain

posting for Denyse:

Hello Everyone
The Eurasian Association of Singapore is considering a permanent exhibition on the life and art of Errol Le Cain, who was Eurasian and from Singapore. I am writing his biography.
Very grateful to anyone who would please take the time to write to me at with ANY information, anecdotes and comments on working with Errol, his art and any information at all that could add to the biography.
Richard Williams has kindly consented to answer some questions and to write a paragraph or two.
Thanks and Health to all
Denyse Tessensohn


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Anonymous said...

Hey, do you guys know of any foreign language titles made during this movie's production under Williams?

A German teaser was found with the title "Der Tieß ünd der Schuster" (done in 1990/1991, likely).

Anonymous said...

Oops...It's "Der Tieb und der Schuster"...not "Der Tieß ünd der Schuster". I apologize.

Anywho, here's the link to the teaser, in case you are interested: