Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pencil Tests

Excellent collection of pencil-tests from the Thief linked from Dave Nethery's blog here.
The first of which is notable for its inclusion of live-action print-outs that Dick referenced for particular scenes in the film.

I remember in his Masterclass Dick told us about his method of using a 'medical printer' to study live-action footage but I had never seen the results until now.


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Here's the link. It's currently the second post down from the top:


Michael Sporn said...

During Raggedy Ann, Xerox came out with a bulk printing wherein they would enlarge frames of film onto large rolls of white paper. It helped if the original film they worked from were high contrast.

We gave them my 16mm copy of THE BAND CONCERT. At Dick's request, we used the blowups of the tornado/climax of that short to rotoscope the action for a sequence in Raggedy Ann.