Monday, November 23, 2009

Witch swinging around the mountain

Recent reader question:
I couldn't find anything on the blog about this particular piece of animation, which only recently caught my eye:
There are a few quick shots of the side of the mountain- we see it "spinning" as the camera moves- and there really seems to be a lot of detail in every frame. Would you know who was involved with it?

I'm not sure. This scene was done before my time on the film, but I would guess that Roy Naisbitt worked out the animating BG and Dick did the witch animation. If anybody knows - please leave a comment.


Maurice said...

Sounds like Holger's right about Roy Naisbitt doing the mountain. I disagree about the Witch, however ... I have a hunch it's Emery Hawkins's work.

Michael Sporn said...

The witch originally was animated by Grim Natwick with a heavy assist from Dick. I wouldn't be surprised if that were one of the scenes Grim blocked out.

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