Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What's going on with the DVD poll?

A few weeks ago the number of people who had voted in the DVD poll did reach 210. Over the last few days the number has been declining. Today it's at 185. Very strange. Please leave a comment if you know why that could happen. I appreciate the interest so far and had planned to keep the poll open, but that makes no sense if it's unreliable.

UPDATE: I removed the poll because it appears that after 6 months votes started to expire, which caused inaccurate results (see comments). Thanks again for everybody who participated during the last 6 months. More than 200 people expressed interest in an official Thief DVD.

These were the 2 options:
A lot of us wish for an official DVD release with all the Williams footage of the THIEF. It would be good to know how many people would buy such a DVD. Please vote for one of these 2 options:
1. Yes, I would buy such a DVD, but only if the film gets properly finished.
2. Yes, a high quality version of the workprint, with storyboards. Plus documentaries etc.
Around 87% voted for option 2.

This is the online petition that inspired our poll and it's still open: (LINK)


Maurice said...

The vote that I cast half a year ago apparently expired. Before that, my view of the thief poll sidebar said "Change your vote", indicating that I already voted.

I re-voted so that once again I am represented, and once again the sidebar for the poll says "Change your vote". Anyone who wants to keep their opinion on Holger's poll probably has to check the blog every six months.

Holger said...

Thanks Maurice. The 6 month thing makes sense. We started the poll on Oct.17,2008 and about 2 weeks ago I started to notice the declining numbers, which would have been around the 6 month mark.

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