Friday, February 20, 2009

Animation star relaunches Bristol school

Oscar-winning animator Richard Williams, who worked on Hollywood blockbuster Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, will launch the new Bristol School of Animation next week.
The University of the West of England is relaunching its animation school on Wednesday, after investing £250 000 in new computer-aided animation technology.

The school has just moved to a bigger site on the Bower Ashton Campus in Bristol, in an attempt to become ‘the main animation hub outside London’, according its head, Gill Sandford.

Bristol is also home to Aardman Animations, the biggest animation studio in the UK and creator of Wallace & Gromit and Creature Comforts.

Source: DESIGNweek Online
Publication date: 20 February 2009 11:51 AM
Author: Emily Pacey


Maurice said...

It's great knowing that Richard is still active in many ways.

Where's the label?

Holger said...

Welcome to the blog Matt! I'm glad to see that you're settled in enough to post.

Matt J said...

Thanks Holger-I came across the news article & figured it was an easy first post. Still not quite settled in enough to tackle the 'Brigands' post yet however-

diego cumplido said...

GREAT NEWS, in my opinion.

Austin "oppo" Papageorge said...

So there's going to be a whole animation school by Richard Williams? Cool!


Holger said...

I think he was just there for the opening ceremony, cutting the ribbon.

Austin "oppo" Papageorge said...

"I think he was just there for the opening ceremony, cutting the ribbon."

Oh, Okay.

Sorry for my previous outburst.

Anonymous said...


Here's an interview with Richard:
If you click on the final page scan it will have some confirmation of him doing that rumored Aristophanes feature. He's been thinking about it since he was 15. According to him, when people ask him about the film's title, he says it's called Will I Live to Finish This. In other words, it's still untitled.

Holger said...

Thanks for the link Anonymous!

Maurice said...

Since there doesn't seem to be much more to say about what Richard Williams has been doing recently (that hasn't already been said), I'm going to plow a path for talk with an unrelated question.

About Grim Natwick, having worked on the Witch animation up into his early 90s(!): does anyone know of any assistant artists that worked under him (as Marc Davis had done for Grim on "Snow White")?

Anonymous said...

They say Ghibli should complete the Thief:
Judging by the fact that Disney is uninterested in the film even though they retained the workprint with the Weinsteins having the edited versions, I say that Disney could give them the rights through John Lasseter.