Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Another Interview

From the latest BAFTA members magazine.


Maurice said...

It's exciting to hear more about Richard's future projects. I can't wait to see "Will I Live To Finish This" if and when it comes to the cinemas.

Long live Richard Williams.

Anonymous said...

Hey Holger! I just found this piece of info about an encounter with Richard:
The blogger asked him about what should be done for family films and he said "I'm making one of those!". And it's all because of the "golden rule", the person with all the gold makes the rules and if he has to get backing for his secret project, he has to make a kid film for a major studio. And since he usually works with Disney on masterclasses as he did with Roger Rabbit, he could be making it for Disney.

Maurice said...

Checked the blogsite page given by the anonymous tipster.

Did I read correctly that Steven Spielberg is in charge of the financial aspects of Richard's current project??!

Holger said...

No. Back in the 80s working with Spielberg on Roger Rabbit resulted in the end of the way Richard Williams Studio had been operating for many years, constantly working on a large number of projects like commercials, movie titles etc. and employing a steady group of in-house artists. After RR the studio shrank to a handful of people for a few years until Williams hired a lot of artists again to finish the Thief. Now he works on his film by himself. Independence, that's what the "Golden Rule" means.
I think Anonymous misunderstood some of the blog post he was quoting from.

Anonymous said...

Like Maurice, I can't wait for "Will I Live to Finish This?" either, is that the title? Sounds like either a joke or a title Richard wants us to call it.

Anonymous said...

I just calculated how long it will take for Richard's feature to get completed. It could take 90 minutes, like the Thief. And he's been working on it for ten years, right? It costs $13,000,000 dollars to make an independent 90-minute cartoon. Shooting each frame for the film takes 7 minutes. According to my calculations, 7 minutes times 12 frames is one day. Two days to complete each second. That times 60 equals 120 days. 120 days times 90 is 1,080. 1,080 divided by 365 is 2.95890411. In other words it'll take almost three more years to complete. So, he has only has $1,080,000 with 38 minutes left to complete. So it's possible release date is July 2012. You gotta make a post about this, Holger!