Friday, September 26, 2008

Thief climbs up Witch Mountain, Part 5

This is the concluding post for the climbing scenes in sequence 10.3. I will pick it up sometime soon with the remaining scenes of the sequence, which I also worked on, where the Thief is flying.

This scene was not based on anything Ken had done and it didn't have a scene number. It had a name: Hunter. 9-04 feet. I worked on it from June 13 to 16, 1991.
Dick did 2 or 3 drawings, which meant that this scene was pretty much done. Recently I listened to part 1 of Eric Goldberg's interview on Animation Podcast (LINK). He did a very good impression of Ken Harris, with Ken being all modest about his animation and saying that Dick did all the drawing work. Dick had the highest regard for Ken's abilities. It was a pretty unique working relationship with Dick as Ken's boss and student at the same time. He did poses for him before Ken started his scenes and refined the animation after Ken was done.

seq. 10.3/ sc.9x, by Dick/Ken

seq. 10.3/ sc.10x, by Dick/Ken, redo coat by Holger
These scenes had been finished in color and had been on film for years. It's an hommage to Bill Tytla's work with the Devil from Fantasia, even using the same music. I always loved this part of the film and was thrilled that I could be involved a little when I was assigned to add wind animation to the coat, as an overlay to the original cels. It's also interesting how much Dick sometimes disregarded continuity, more thinking about what was right for the scene. If it would work and nobody noticed it was good. Do I care that the palm trees from the previous scenes disappeared, or that the angles of the rock changed? No, I don't. I like the hightened drama that Dick created by these choices.
I remember some Ken linetests that Dick decided not to use, where the Thief is elaborately sticking the palm leaves into his coat sleaves. I think all that had been part of sc. 5x.

I also got to do this longshot, which hooks up directly to the next scene 11x, where the Thief is flapping his wings, trying to fly, but I save that and the following scenes for another post. I think we need to post else for a while. All the recent images use the same set of colors and maybe you had to look closely to realize that this was a new post.


Peter said...

This is a terrific blogsite, you guys. I have really enjoyed reading it from start to present particularly as it is written by "insiders". Your commentaries are intelligently written and nicely balanced.

I was also very interested to read the recollections from David Byers Brown, Michael Schlingmann and Carl Gover as I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with them over the years.

As others have already commented, a blog is a perfect medium for presenting an account of this amazing, if flawed, masterpiece of an animated film. I look forward to further posts.

Best wishes

Pete Western

Ben K said...

Just come across the site its great inspirationial stuff.

This scene alwyas reminded be of a scene out of the Road runnder piece .
Where wyle coyote get a winged outfit its almost shot for shot.

Blogs great

Ill keep reading