Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The other glorious Brochure - Part 1

This high-gloss brochure must have been printed around 1984, at least that is what the copyright says and given that it sports a 1988 release date, this seems somewhat right.
Dick had a few leftover brochures in Royal Colledge Street 138 and recognising a true fan of his work, it wasn't hard to persuade him to let me have one.
Front and back are covered by an extra clear sheet of cel and between those are 18 pages in luxurious A 3 color print with photos, credits and stills.

The first 9 pages are presented this week, with the last 9 pages to follow in 7 days. Enjoy!


Andreas said...

I remember this one. I didn't manage to snare a complete brochure, only a few of the pages.

holger said...

I also have an alternative cover page: "The Thief Who Never Gave UP". I'll scan and post it as soon as I can.

Dietmar said...

As you will see in the next blog of this brochure, one page has the "Thief and Cobbler" headline badly glued over with a "Once" stripe. Just a little interesting bit in the top area of one page :)

sAkora1 said...

Well I had a dream about his movie and in my dream the movie was complee and I watched it as the theater. It was very good in my dream and in the dream as well that picture of the black whitch with the monster was in it. Also the style of the movie changed like that of the old brochures. It was the best dream I ever had. But in my dream Tack dies in the end of the movie which was weird.

Anonymous said...

What's Panimation?