Monday, April 7, 2008

Simon Maddocks Part 1

Simon Maddocks just sent these photos with comments.
(I added a few things). See also his update to our first post "The Opening Scene".

Richard Williams at the 1990 Christmas Party at St. Pancras Way.

Dietmar and Monika Kremer. Michael Schlingmann and Tanya Fenton
138 Royal College Street. Dick owned this building. The Forum was only leased for the duration of the main production. You can just make out that someone has put the word "END" on the door, so this is probably from around the end of the movie production in Camden.
F/X supervisor John Cousen holding a leg by the downstairs line tester in The Forum. I don't know why.
Bill the security guard with his chips.
Margaret Grieve and Dee Morgan.

Tessa Wolpe hands me my redundancy notice on 15th May 1992.

The Checking Department at St. Pancras Way. Atlanta Green on the right.
Sally Burden, who ran Trace And Paint after Maggie Brown left.

The last gathering in the pub after the takeover. Neil Boyle, John Cousen, editor Peter Bond and Paul Dilworth in The Eagle.

Richard Williams in The Eagle. Ian Cook "Films are ephemera"

Guan Chuan Chew ("Chew"). Chew and his wife were the studio accountants.
Sophie Leatherbarrow, F/X animator Lynette Charters and Roy Naisbitt.

Neil Boyle and producer Mo Sutton. Richard Williams and John Leatherbarrow.

Roy Naisbitt

Jim Maguire in front of some of the scenes he looked after as librarian.

Ross Dearsley working on a war machine build scene I think.
Max Berry working on Fido animation, probably assisting or in-betweening for Dave Byers-Brown.
The Forum in Camden, where the animation, production and editorial sections of The Thief were housed in 1990 to 1992, on the first and third floors.
An in-progress drawing from the "Thief On Springs" sequence.
Desks on the first floor of The Forum, with the wall of scene boxes in the background.
A detail of some of the scene box labels.
Tim Watts and Robert Malherbe.

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