Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Where did it all happen?

Well, here.
This is the inside of the Studio Christmas card when the production moved from Soho square to Camden for Roger Rabbit.
I think Hans Bacher gave me this card which has a picture of the iconic Soho square studio on the front.
We occupied the left half of the building on the first floor, for FX and editing and the right half on the second floor for animation.
Though the inside is more appropriate to anything relating to the Thief, the front of the card is nonetheless a who is who of all the players of the R.R. days.

Hans, Raymond and probably the most important animation personality in my life, the undefeatable and brilliant Mr. Meyer are depicted in the doorway of the studio.
I leave it up to all you guys to identify the rest...
Oh Nostalgia, you are such sweet sorrow.
Ah, yes and does anyone know who painted the artwork?

Ok, on a more jolly note, I remember the beginning of 1991 to be particularly snowy, the last time we had real snow in London.
I was on my way back home after a couple of Winter warmers at the Bone house with Sharon, Tanya and most probably Dennis and the rest of the Irish, when we were confronted by a bunch of suited people, bankers I surmised.
Now, in Germany, people would either just leave you be or they hit you with a snowball and then run away, but no, these guys raised themselves to their full height on the other side of the street and said:

Would you mind awfully if we has a snowball fight?

Aah, London, how queer thou art...


Dietmar said...

That Christmas card is awesome..makes me wish I spend more time on my own cards :) And the drawing of the forum on Camden steet as well.

Kinda needs the local pub in it where we spend so much of our earnings on the lunchbreaks....

Holger said...

The Bone House on Pratt Street. On the map it would be in the building next to the letters "ee" of Street.