Thursday, May 8, 2008

Roy Naisbitt – certified genius.

Holger, Andreas, Michael and I felt like kids in a candy store working on the Thief. There was talent and inspiration oozing from every corner, and seeing even the tiniest scrap of paper land in a waste bin could break our hearts.

Naturally it wasn’t long before an unspoken pact was made to liberate anything that landed in the bins. If for nothing else, then to save it for the after world.

The drawback is that one ends up wading through heaps of paper and cells, but slowly a single pile is emerging and building up, containing Layouts and Designs that Roy Naisbitt made of and for the war machine. Some are copies, some are originals, all are huge.

As the workload piled up, we spend more Saturdays and Sundays at the studio and every one of my Saturdays would begin by visiting Roy in his corner, listen to his stories of the long collaboration with Dick or talk about life in general, while we shared a coffee and a few rolls. For almost two years, it was the best way to spend a Saturday.

So with Roy’s Birthday on the 6th of May just over, what would be better than celebrating it with some of his great Layouts?

What would be better? Well, a few pints of Lager at the local pub of course!


Holger said...

What an artist! Thanks for posting these.
More, more...

Dietmar said...

I have loads more..and will ofc post them over time.

What slows me down is the sheer size, each one needs to be scanned in up to 5 fragments and assembled in photoshop.

No idea yet how to handle the cell scans that I also have in mind :)

.Jon Garaizar. said...

these are just to good.

im really in awe of some the stuff i see on here.

Matt Jones said...

FANTSTIC! This is the rare production art that never ees the light of day-pure gold! Can't imagine the artwork thrown away that we'll never see but this sort of post eases the pain!