Sunday, May 18, 2008

Roy Naisbit - part deux

"What did the frog say to the Warmachine?"
"Rivet, Rivet"

And that is what this giant monstrum of a siege machine boils down to. Rivets. Many rivets. Hundreds, thousands, maybe millions. Before I joined the team I didn't even know the word "rivet". Afterwards I wished I never had.

Not really, just joking :) But if you have taken a close look at Roy's designs, you see how much he and Dick loved rivets. They are everywhere. And without more funny or interesting stories to tell, let's have more eye-candy from the master himself.


Anonymous said...

That last one is graphic genius for some reason.

MANDREWS said...

And people animated these things? amazing I knew it was detailed and that made it even more amazing. no skimping on the detail of the design. Great designs very imaginative. I want more!!!!


R.Dress said...